In-Home Treatment

In-Home Treatment

Natural treatments can allow patients to heal in the comfort and safety of their own home. In-home treatment circumvents the dangers of being exposed to others in a doctor’s office. In many cases, daily treatments are optimal but not possible in an office setting. The convenience of having a pre-determined treatment plan and the appropriate FDA cleared treatment therapies in your home can shorten healing time.

Self-administered under the direction of Dr. Scott, natural treatment is safe, effective and more convenient than ever. Therapies, topicals and supplementation are just a few ways peripheral neuropathy and many other conditions can be managed at home. Treatments can be done comfortably in a seated position while watching tv, reading, eating, doing crafts, while on the computer or during other passive activities.

For many of Dr. Scott’s patients, initial consultation, examination, as well as, periodic re-examinations are all performed at the patient’s home. Phone or video chats allow frequent and convenient doctor patient communication. Dr. Scott gives his mobile number to his patients and encourages them to call anytime a question arises.

If you are interested in seeing if you are a candidate for in-home treatment, click the link below and we will schedule a ten minute consultation at no charge.

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